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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  February 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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up today, danger in @the sky. @the fbi is searching for @someone shining lasers into the the new information we know @this morning. @ and the super bowl calling @for super security this year. @what officials are doing to @keep everyone safe ahead of big game. @ and the first class of @cleveland police cadets has @started training in n inside look at what @they are doing.
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@ you are looking through our @bridge. @of course it is 5:00 in the @morning on a saturday so not t this morning. @but it is going to be a good @day, overall to get out and @enjoy it. @>> if you step out ght notice it is a little @more comfortable for february. @if you are heading out in the @next two hours or so definitely need a jacket. @we are quiet on satellite and @radar. @we have high pressure in @control right now. @but we are going to build in the @morning. @the first half of our day is @going to be a little bit on the @cloudy side, but we'll work in as we @head into the afternoon and @more wintry precipitation
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@degrees later on today. @i'll let you know what to @expect in that how wonderful that @super bowl sunday is going to @be and also where we are headed @to next week. @ the fbi is looking for @hopkins. @there have been 25 instances of @laser strikes since @december here in cleveland. ter: the fbi tells us @twice thursday night and once @wednesday someone flashed a @laser on to a commercial @airplane from lorraine road and st 105th street. @back on december 16th someone @near clifton avenue and west @117th street pointed at 25 iners landing at @hopkins international airport.
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@blindness, and to have spotty ou shine a light @in your eye it can cause you to @have spots afterwards. @>> reporter: the lasers coulto diverted @their flight. @>> it hasn't happened in our @area but in other areas it has @happened ser @strike. @>> reporter: we tested this @laser pointer. @at one foot away the beam is @only a few millimeters @that same beam 50 feet away is @four times as wide. @when you take it outdoors and @aim it at an aircraft 6000 away a two millimeter beam @turned into a 6 foot-wide @blinding light. @>> it could take you 30 or 40 @seconds before you get your @full night six back seconds could be @critical, especially if you are @flying a jet moving very fast.
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@ a lake county sheriff's @deputy shot and killed a man @thursday night who was air soft gun. @the sheriff's office responded @to a 911 call and the man @confronted them outside the @house with what they believed @he did not drop it, actually @raised it at the deputies at @one point. @when deputies went inside the @home they found a woman with @stab wounds. @she is in fair condition this @morning. @ should cleveland and other @ohio cities be able to make @their own gun laws? @state lawmakers and the courts @decided no. @but now democratic senate @candidate sittenifhewould, want @the stronger gun laws.
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@2016, and that is aggressive. @>> this is much bigger than me @or my campaign, irrespective of @my own political fortunes i @look forward to being part of @this. @>> they need more than 300,000 @signatures to make this year's @ballot. @front runner ted strickland is @making gun control his main @campaign issue. @ the first class of @cleveland police cadets to @receive training from the ohio @state highway patrol is almost @halfway through that training. @the columbus-based academy @sparked a court battle between @the city and the police union. @a judge ruled in favor of the @city. @we wanted to see what the @cadets are learning during @their extended stay and brandon @simmons has their story from @columbus. @>> reporter: each day for @cleveland's newest police @cadets starts with physical @training.
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@with a strong academic focus in @a paramilitary setting. @>> reporter: at the state @highway patrol's residential @training facility. @>> they are sequestered here. @they can focus on academics, on @training, as opposed to some @things that might distract @them, if they had to take care @of other obligations at home. @>> reporter: there are 46 @cleveland cadets in this case @who sleep here monday through @friday, leaving only on @weekends. @and the rules are strict. @their rooms are open for @inspection because the smallest @details count, down to the @creases. @>> as we showcase the trainees, @this equates to seeing a weapon @or not seeing a weapon. @perceiving a threat, not @perceiving a threat. @>> reporter: over the four @month period, students spend @time each day in the classroom @learning the law, and more @importantly, how to be @professional.
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@getting in shape and building @camaraderie. @>> professional and embracing @our core values. @>> reporter: the move to @columbus wasn't without @controversy. @the cleveland police union @argued against it, but the city @believes having cadets train in @columbus allows cleveland's @academy to train better @officers. @the highway patrol is focused @on one thing, providing proper @training. @>> we are not concerned as far @as being highway patrol @troopers, officers from other @agencies or cleveland. @fundamental training. @>> reporter: so in just a @couple of months, cleveland @should have 46 new, well @trained officers. @channel 3 news. @>> it doesn't end in columbus. @the recruits will have an @additional four to eight weeks @cleveland. @they will graduate in may and @should be working side by side @with veteran police officers @when the rnc kicks off in july.
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@away from super bowl sunday. @how security is ramping up in @san francisco ahead of the big @game and a star powered @endorsement for ohio governor @john kasich ahead of the new
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@ @ emergency officials in @taiwan say the death toll in @today's earthquake has climbed @dawn. @some of the dead were in a 17- @story apartment block that @collapsed. @hundreds were injured and @rescue workers were searching @through the rubble for those @who are missing. @ we are three days from the @new hampshire primary and it is @full steam ahead for the men
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@president. @hillary clinton is trying to @get the female vote in the @state where the majority of the @women are actually backing @bends -- bernie sanders. @she is trailing by a margin of @4%. @ governor case sick may have @fallen to fourth place in that @latest poll. @arnold schwarzenegger announced @today he is backing kasich. @he is also filming his current @movie. @ the pregame party is in @full swing across the bay area. @more than a million fans @gathering through the weekend @to celebrate super bowl 50. @but there is a crowd at the @stadium that don't care about @the parties and won't see a @single play of the game. @jake gray has more from san @francisco. @>> reporter: it is officially
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@but as the party ramps up, @hundreds of thousands of fans @pour in and we get closer to @kickoff. @for an army of police and @federal agents, this is no @game. @>> i don't know that any other @event has had this kind of @security. @>> reporter: 60 agencies led by @the fbi coordinating from there @central command center. @the show of force is evident @just about everywhere. @it is all about reassuring the @public this event is going to @>> reporter: reassurance comes @from security teams on the @ground in the air and on the @water. @working around the clock and @across an area that stretches @levi stadium. @>> our job is to notice when @things may not be 100% what @they should be.
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@there have been no problems and @no viable threats and they are @way. @>> super bowl and super bowl @sunday will be one of the @safest places on the planet. @>> reporter: because so many @people will be watching so much @more than the game here. @francisco. @ again there has been no @francisco. @still the security is in place, @and it is unprecedented. @more extensive than any other @sporting event in u.s. history. @ just one day before the @super bowl today national tv @safety day. @according to the consumer @product safety commission one @child is injured every 20 @minutes when a tv or piece of @furniture falls on them. @officials are urging consumers @to do a quick check of their @tvs to make sure all of them @are safely secured and properly @placed, especially if you went @out and bought a new one for
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@log onto the website anchor @ matt granite has savings to @scare away any intruder. @coming up, olga will have a @check of the forecast. @>> reporter: that's right i am @tracking milder temperatures @this weekend. @and i think we are going to @hold off on most of this @moisture until we get later @into the evening on your super @bowl sunday. @however we will have the @opportunity for more clouds to @move on in later this @afternoon. @it will be nice, temperatures @pushing up near 40 degrees this @afternoon. @more breezy and again we'll @have several chances for snow, @coming up in the work week. @i'll detail all of that for you @in your extended 7-day
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@ @ we are about a month out @from a new construction project
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@cleveland but the road closures @have already started and @traffic reporter danielle @wiggins helps us minimize the @delays. @>> reporter: i know your @weekend travel plans may get @you out of your normal driving @routine. @so i want to remind you of @closures that happened the @previous week. @carter road closed this week @between columbia bus road and @the carter road bridge, because @of the reconstruction project, @the preparations for that. @driveway access will be @maintained at all times. @this road will be closed until @next month. @so you can go ahead and detour @columbus road to get around @that closure. @now here's some more @information about this project @that is beginning in march.
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@fairfield and carter road and @carter between scranton and @columbus road. @don't forget, i'm posting all @of this on the traffic @blog, and you can see live @traffic conditions there to @help you minimize the delays. @have a great day. @back to you. @ here's the tip. @this story we'll really show @you, you don't always want to @rely on that gps to find your @destination. @a u.s. tourist found out the @iceland. @noel santana accidentally typed @in an extra r. he drove five @hours instead of a half hour @and ended up in the north of @capital in the south. @he said he just followed the @gps because it always works for @him in the u.s.
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@comfort food after that @embarrassing trip. @how about a reese's cup filled @with the cream from an oreo. @i youtube user named the food @surgeon shared a video on how @to create this. @it has more than 600,000 views. @wow, really? @it is up to you to decide if @that is something you would @even want to do. @why? @why would you do that? @>> i would be too hungry. @ today starting off with @cloud cover, so it is not going @to look too pretty until the @what is so comfortable this @morning are these temperatures. @basically it is because we have @high pressure controlling us @right now. @we are going to keep things
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@we are going to see a lot of @the wintry weather off to the @north and west. @it is going to take it about a @day, maybe a day and a half to @get here. @i think we are going to be fine @for today and for most of @tomorrow but heading into @monday, that is when we are @going to start to see some of @those changes. @a little closer here on our @satellite and radar view. @notice a few high, thin clouds @passing through the cooler air. @wintry precipitation staying @far to the north. @but things are going to start @to open the door as we get into @monday morning. @for right now though, our winds @are mainly out of the south and @the west and we are going to @keep them fairly light. @about 5 to 10 miles per hour @winds for today. @not too bad. @we do have a bit of a wind @chill. @temperatures are in the upper @20s to near 30 degrees, it is @feeling like the 20s. @have a good jacket or coat on.
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@or scarf or gloves for today. @we'll keep the winds out of the @southwest, mainly into the 30s @for most of the day. @but i think many of us will @peak near 40 degrees. @so mild weekend temperatures @are on tap. @it will start out cold but the @sunshine will return later on @in the afternoon as well as the @snow in the forecast. @here's how it breaks down hour @by hour with our temperature @profile. @plan on upper 20s to lower 30s @early this morning. @then most of the day we'll @spend into the middle 30s. @but by the time we get to the @3:00 to 4:00 hour i think we'll @be able to bump these @temperatures up. @i stopped the scan about 3:30. @notice mainly clear skies, if @you have any saturday night @accomplish later on this @afternoon, i think the 30s will @be your best bet. @then early tomorrow morning we @did dip on through. @it isn't until tomorrow @afternoon we'll push in some of
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@comes a little bit of moisture @until the overnight period. @as the temperatures drop some @of this is going to switch over @to a if you snow flurries so we @could be seeing that until @later on in the day. @plan on the 40-degree high. @mainly for most of us. @except for the downtown area @and the winds predominantly out @of the southwest but notice all @the sunshine moving on through. @i want to show you our weather @nation 7-day forecast. @it is basically going to be a @pleasant one for the next two @days. @temperatures above average @sitting into the 40s. @tomorrow will be warmer than @today. @i think not only are people @going to be watching a little @football tomorrow they are @football themselves. @but then monday once the @moisture moves in as the @temperatures start to drop. @we are in for wintry @precipitation. @not a lot of accumulation.
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@it is going to feel like a @return to winter. @ when was the last time you @bought something on impulse? @if it was one of matt's deals @you probably saved money. @if not you may have damaged @your credit. @over half of americans have @spent over $100 or more on @spontaneous purchases. @there may be some instant @gratification for the buyer. @financial experts say this is @leading to more credit card @debt. @the experts say millennials are @the biggest impulse shoppers. @ this morning we protect @your entire home or business @with a bargain. @money man matt granite has the @savings to scare off any @intruder. @>> reporter: i will tell you @that if you feel as though you @need to heighten the level of @security on your property for @your business, get a great @security system. @the deal i found today is @absolute lowest price of the
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@i want to show you of all the @systems that i have scouted, my @favorite system today gets you @four cameras complete with a @dvr, a simple hook up process @and instant intruder alerts in @the event movement is detected. @one of the things that stood @out with regard to the security @system, the night vision @camera. @these cameras, durable, weather @proof. @i love at night in pitch black @they are able to don't text and @drive movement at up to 80 feet @away. @the deal amazon has is decent. @but the deal i found way better @on @$199 and you get four cameras @delivery. @you can watch a full review as @well @i love this also comes with a @dvr. @so many systems and stores. @by the time you get home you
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@this is included backs up to @cloud storage at drop box and @google drive. @i love that. @i love you for watching. @back to you. @ after the break, the story @of a sports icon will soon hit @the silver screen. @a legendary son of northeast @ohio. @what the movie's star is @telling us, ahead of the big
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@ @ it is going to be a sunny @and beautiful day considering @it is february. @temperatures expected in the @40s. @let's get a check of what else @you can expect today. @olga breese is here now with @your saturday forecast. @>> reporter: good morning @everyone. @we are starting off on the cool @side in morning. @everyone is in the 30s. @but then again, it is not the @bone chilling low 30s either.
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@going to be fairly comfortable @through midmorning. @a lot of cloud cover to start @us out. @high, thin clouds, but notice @how quiet we are on the @satellite and radar scam. @we have high pressure @controlling our weather pattern @right now. @the cool morning temperatures @in the 20s. @sunshine later on this @afternoon. @for most of us, we are quickly @going to be out of the 20s and @into the 30s. @you can count on a high near 40 @degrees for downtown. @some of the outer lying areas @may hang out into the upper @30s. @but with our winds out of the @south and southwest, it is @going to feel a little more @comfortable. @warmer air on the way for our @super bowl sunday and even @snow in the extended forecast. @i'll let you know what to @expect when i join you next. @so definitely get out and enjoy @the weekend. @ the story of a sports icon @will soon hit the silver @screen. @the movie race is based on the @incredible jessie owens, who @has cleveland roots.
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@spoke to the movie's star and @owens's daughter. @>> you can run and jump judge @he ran to finish with a
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@what a friday for johnny @manziel. @dallas police announced last @night they are launching a @criminal investigation into a @domestic violence assault @complaint filed against @manziel. @they received a complaint for @the january 30th incident we @know involved his ex-girlfriend @colleen. @manziel is listed as the @suspect. @they are reopening the @investigation receiving the @complaint. @detectives will investigate the @complaint to determine if @criminal charges will be filed. @also yesterday a judge signed a @protective order keeping johnny @manziel away from her for two @years. @there is reason to believe @family violence occurred. @and ordered manziel to pay @$12,000 from legal fees. @ now to the comment @yesterday from his father paul @manziel to the dallas morning @news that opened eyes @yesterday. @quote i truly believe if they @can't get him help he won't
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@manziel turns 24 in december. @manziel's father failed twice @this past week to get johnny @into rehab. @tuesday manziel was admitted to @a psychiatric and chemical @dependency hospital but he was @allowed to leave even though @his father believed he was @suicidal. @yesterday his agent cut ties @with manziel, with deep regret @he said it has become painfully @obvious that johnny's future @rests solely in his own hands. @browns owner said the browns @have been unsuccessful in their @attempts to reach manziel. @they will do anything to help @him personally, they are not @worried about manziel the @player but the person. @ let's move on now to josh @gordon. @nfl commissioner roger goodell @was asked about gordon. @he said they got his letter and
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@conducted himself over the past @months. @if he is going to be @reinstated. @>> i'm hopeful that josh @understands that he is going to @have to conduct himself @differently going forward. @to be a member of the nfl. @and to be representing the @cleveland browns for any team @in the nfl. @>> reporter: the cavs back home @tonight. @the cavs are taking big steps @backward losing for the second @straight time last night. @the celtics. @lebron & co. @with a strong early take for a @13-2 lead. @speaking of strong takes. @how about that dunk? @cavs led by 15 early. @five triples. @here's the bad news. @back. @he said it was painful.
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@but again he did not come back @into last night's game. @cavs were down in the fourth @quarter. @96-94. @cavs led but they give it up @and avery bradley all thread to @do was stop the three pointer @and he hits it. @the game winner the buzzer and @the cavs lose 104-103. @they are now 35-14. @ college hoops between first @place teams akron hosting @central michigan. @freshman josh williams six @triples of the he had 22 @points. @they are now 19-14. @>> a sign that spring is @coming. @ spring training is @approaching. @pitchers and catchers report on @february 17th.
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@first game is march 1. @ how about a super bowl @prediction? @most people going with @carolina. @panthers favored by five and a @half points. @i say this. @peyton manning rides out into @the sunset i guess you could @say with his second super bowl @and the defense holds for @denver and the broncos win 23- @20. @ hope you have a great super @bowl weekend everybody. @>> i don't know about that @prediction dave. @ some local students are @headed to the super bowl this @weekend as we have a look @inside their journey to the big @game. @ good morning olga. @>> reporter: good morning. @we are getting some help for @some warmer southwest winds @moving on this hour by hour. @i think we are going to clear @out some of the cloud cover @break into sunshine later on @this afternoon. @most areas should hit the upper @30s to near 40 degrees. @not bad for the first week of @february. @so for today count on it to be
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@not quite as cold. @tonight we will take the @temperatures down. @bundle up if you have saturday @evening plans. @we are below freezing tonight. @i'll let you know what to @expect for your super bowl @sunday and heading back to
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@ @ each year the great big @home and garden show gives @northeast ohio a taste of @spring in the middle of winter. @it features more than 600 @exhibits and that is where we @find channel 3's alyssa raven @this morning with a look at @what is new. @good morning. @>> reporter: good morning. @we are starting out with a high- @tech home and we have a whole @audio system outside, even in @the back patio. @you can hear the radio or any @music that you want, as well as @a big flat screen tv. @let's take a look inside.
5:35 am
@have tony fabric with extend @technology. @what is the coolest feature @about this room and the kitchen @and living room area? @>> the basic cool feature is we @have an ipad you can control @everything here in the entire @home. @right from the ipad push of a @button, lighting, climate @control, control your av @equipment, it is real easy to @use. @>> reporter: how does it work @in the bathroom? @this is such a cool feature. @we have it set up for you. @>> very cool. @say you want to watch tv in the @morning watch the tv, the click @of a button. @the tv is going to turn on. @mirror. @know. @>> you wouldn't know it was @there until you turn it on. @ i mentioned to people a @little bit about the outside. @did you say that you can hear @>> yeah, outside. @we have a full set up of sound
5:36 am
@encloses the whole patio. @so if you want to watch tv out @there, there is an outdoor tv, @want to listen to music. @it is great. @>> reporter: the coolest @feature of the home, you had @this last year. @i remember the fiber optic @ceiling. @what is new this year? @>> this year we put in a video @tiling system. @it is really cool. @we have 110-inch screen. @what we can do is have four @different things playing at one @time and we are able to switch @it around if we want to have @like say three different things @across the bottom and one main @screen up top we can do this. @if we want to drag a movie into @the mainframe at the swipe of a @finger i can take what was in @there and just drag it up @there. @>> reporter: i'm going to sit
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@>> i'm sure it costs like way @too much though. @>> reporter: thank you alyssa. @ let's get a check of this @forecast. @do you think today will feel @like spring? @>> no i wouldn't call it @spring. @well i'm a tropical flower. @spring for me is a little bit @warmer. @we will get at least out of the @30s. @>> okay. @>> for this month i think that @is a pretty good thing. @actually today close to 40. @tomorrow in the 40s. @so definitely something to look @forward to as we go through the @next 48 hours. @we pretty much are benefiting @from high pressure right now. @keeping a high thin layer of @cloud cover and actually @blocking out some of the colder @northerly wind flow. @as this system moves off toward @the east, we are going to open @the door for colder air to come @filtering in monday and @tuesday. @and then when you add the
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@to get an opportunity for some @snow and then light @accumulation as well. @quiet here on satellite and @radar for this morning. @i'll zoom in a little bit not @too much activity. @right now everyone is sitting @mainly in the 20s, up to 32 for @dover. @youngstown at 32 as well and at @the lakeshore. @31 in downtown. @we are going to sit pretty much @with partly to mostly cloudy @skies this morning. @then we'll add in sunshine @later on today. @i think your planner will show @the temperatures getting into @quickly. @by your lunch time and into the @early afternoon you will need @your sunglasses nearby. @we are going to get a big dose @of sunshine late in the day and @we'll bring cloud cover @overnight. @hour by hour, i paused it right @about 3:00.
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@sparse locations. @then overnight, we are back @down to those upper 20s, lower @morning. @if you are heading out to @sunday services or if you have @errands to run, it is going to @be a little bit cooler tomorrow @morning than it is this @morning. @then through midday we are @going to pull in cloud cover @around 3:00 or 4:00, almost all @of us pushing upper 40s. @i think you'll get everything @done tomorrow and enjoy your @super bowl sunday. @moisture moves through, and yes @change over to snow showers as @the temperature drops @overnight. @a good dose of sunshine into @the afternoon. @upper 30s to near 40 degrees. @we'll definitely see the @opportunity for these winds to @pick up a little bit more. @i think 10 to 15 miles per hour @winds by late afternoon not out @of the question. @for most of us a chilly night @and a cool start to your sunday @morning.
5:40 am
@window nation 7-day forecast. @tomorrow is the best day of the @weekend. @we are going to be middle 40s @for many of us, and we are @going to push the upper 40s in @a couple of locations. @that means you'll get an @opportunity maybe to get a few @things done outside. @monday is the day to watch. @>> snow flurries snow showers @and minimal accumulation right @now. @>> i guess that is what happens @when you have a 60-degree @temperature in february i can't @that's right we pay for it @somehow. @ local students will be @watching the super bowl in a @very big way. @we have a look inside their
5:41 am
@ we all know the super bowl @is big business. @last year's super bowl in @scottsdale, arizona meant a @total economic impact of $719 @million for the state of @arizona. @now it is santa clara, @california's turn and earliest @mats are it could mean up to @$800 million for northern @california. @many of the cost to put on the @super bowl are paid for by the @nfl. @super bowl 50 we know is just @one day away. @as many are preparing for @parties local students are @preparing to work. @>> reporter: a group of @students left on tuesday, @headed for one of the world's @biggest sporting events the @super bowl . with a talk of how @expensive ticket prices are the @icing on the cake for the @yellowjackets they are actually @getting paid. @>> it is cool to get paid to @go. @>> reporter: this marks the @fourth straight here to work @the game.
5:42 am
@all set to get to work and get @a firsthand look at the sports @management side of the super @bowl. @>> we will be doing the nfl @experience. @all those types of things @running those stations. @sunday we are vip hosts. @i think the students see you @can do this same super bowl @thing. @everybody has a different way @of organizing it. @>> i want to see how big an @event the super bowl is. @how it is run, planned, the fan @experience. @>> there are so many moving @parts from volunteers to the @higher up professionals the @players the coaches. @>> if for some reason you are @starting to feel bad you should @know it is not all work and no @play. @in town the bw crew has made @time to leave their hearts in @san francisco. @a true once in a lifetime @experience for the students. @or for some i guess, four times @in a lifetime. @>> i'm still getting the
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@people think oh you've done it @before. @being able to do the super bowl @and see san francisco at the @same time, it doesn't get much @better than that. @>> as you can tell by @stephanie's shirt she is @pulling for the panthers. @they all agree no matter the @outcome they'll come home @happy. @ after the break, danger in @the sky. @the fbi is searching for a @person shining lasers into the @night sky and how it might
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